Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Asking question and answer a benifit for the job interview

Asking questions on a job interview will show you how interested you want to join in the company and also a better change to find out if the company is a good place for you work with it. For instance job promotion, benifit the company provide to the staff and so on. Keeping quite in a interview will get yourself lesser change of getting you with the jobs.

During our times that was 40 years back, to get a job was not easy. When there is a vacancy you can see few hundred appalling for the jobs. If you are very inquisitive in the interview your job changes of getting will mostly be very hard as most of the one who interview you do not like to be question. Your position is to answer the question they ask and sometimes not knowing how much the company is going to paid us our salary.

In today interview if you are too quite in the interview your changes of getting the job is not so great as the interviewer might think you are not very proccessive or might not know your job well. Question that mostly ask by the interviewer is that, why did you want to leave the last company. Always gives a positive answer like saying looking for a better opportunity and never disclose anything about the last company.