Thursday, August 14, 2008

Preparation and searching before job interview

When you are going for your job interview, preparation and searching has to be done in order to come out from the rest of the people who attended the same interview with you. The most important is to get as much information of the company ant what the company expected from the one who apply for the job. The more knowledgeable you had about the company makes your changes of getting the job brighter.

When attending the interview always check that all papers and documents that gives the upper point to get the job is with you and must file in a neat and nice position as one of the first impression for the interviewers. Never be late for the interview as no company wants their staff to be late for works and its a very bad impression if you are late.

Be prepare to answer all question asked even if you find it is not related to the company as some interviewers would like to test your general knowledge. Be presentation with your answer that can leave some good impression with the interviewers. Remember to pay attention and do not look around even if you find the question ask is a bit difficult. After the interview remember the words THANK YOU.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Pay attension when interview job question and answers

Interviews are always stressful to most job seekers as their had to prepare many things before the start of the interviews. Papers, document and testimonial and always want to look the best and fresh. If you had prepared your works in advance you would not feel very stressful. If you are applying for a high post or executive post take some time to research the company. That way you'll be ready with knowledgeable answers for the job interview questions that specifically relate to the company you are interviewing with.

When answer question relate to your old company that you are still working with, never talk bad of the company as this will give bad impression about you to the interviewers. Say thing that will pleased them like I want more challenging and I think this post can be more suitable to me which I can put my experience to it. When interview question and answers always look at the face of the interviewers.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Treat every interview as a job opportunity

To attended a job interview, we must gather some information about the company and what did the company expect from the interview. Do some research of the company so that we are ready to answer job interview question. It is therefore important to be prepare for job interview question and answer.

Question that we most expected the interviewer to ask are why did you want to resign from your company. Never talk bad about the company, your superior or working staff. The best answer is looking for better opportunity. The position you are interested in and what you can offer to the company if you are given the opportunity. Expected the unexpected question from the interviewers as some interviewers wanted to test the patience of the interview. Treat every interview as a job opportunity and you are the best candidate for the vacant position.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Body language a parts in job interview

Most people who attened job interview will bring along their cerfiticate and others document for reference but some people are very sucessful when interview while some people always failed in their first interview. All the interviewers knows their jobs very well and their will see many angle to pick the right person for the job. First handshake is the first impression for the interview to knows what kinds of person you are. Too firm or vigorous a shake and you might be constructed as dominant or too timid.

Most people of us do not conscious about the way our body sends signal to the interviews, as you might be surprised at how much they can actually derive from our body language, compared to our paper qualification or even our skills for the jobs. Sitting also plays a very important parks in our job interview. Eye contacted, It is good to maintain steady eye contack but do not stare at the interviewers. Remmember to blink naturally of course.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Do your homework before attending a job interview

Job interview can be very stressful and you needs some perparation if you wanted the job badly. Even you come with a very good result from the school or you had a lots of experience in that field, if you are not prepare or very bad in interview or if you aren't able to interview successfully, you will mostly won't get the job. Before you attened a interview take sometimes to survey the company backgrounds.

If having survey the company backgrounds what the company expected from the one they are going to employ. Check with friends who are working in that company about who mostly interview new staff and what question mostly the interviewers also ask. As I had experience myself when I am going for my second job. The person who ask question are not most related to the company things but his question mostly base on general knowledge.

Try to answer the question ask to the points and don't lie to much as the interviewers knows alots and they are not stupid. If you don't understand the question don't keep quite, ask the interviews in a polite and manners ways about the question ask again. Try to look at the interviews face and don't look around the interviewers might think you are not interesting in that jobs.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Never be too smart and be brief and factual to the answers

The objective of the interviewers is to know more about of yourself, your behaviour, your goals and achievements and lastly your career plans. So when sometimes we respond to the questions ask by the interviewer it must have the facts to the questions, not try bush around as this interviewers has heard every clich├ęd of the answer to this question.

Never interfered with the question ask by the interviewer during half way even if you know the answer or even you understand what he is going to ask. Waited until he has completed his question, then answer the question as a show of respect and also when answering the question try to use a courteous tone and the tone and the words must not sound aggressive. Sometimes you do not know the question ask, tell them about your ignorance rather then created a answer that might cost you the jobs.

Questions that are most asked by the interviewers are why did you left the old jobs.It might be a simple question ask but sometimes it might cost you the job if you are interview for a high position like having trouble getting along with people since you’re going to be constantly working with others. Others question ask are why you are interest in this company, It is best to do some researched and get some imformation of the company plans and its future. Also keep your answer factual and brief and focus your interviewer and don't move yourself too much and look around.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Job interview are sometimes very stressful

Job interview are sometimes very stressful and tired as we had to travell and waited for our turns to call if there is many peoples applying for the same jobs or posts and there is only one interviewer to interview all the people who turns up. Be prepare for such consequent if you happen to meet one. Secondly be prepare to answer all the question asked, sometimes it will be out of the job tropic.

If you apply a job in that company, put some time to research the company this will give you alots of knowledge and convident about the company and what the company from us. When attending a interview all documents and cerfiticate must be well prepare a proved to the skill of the job apply and also the interviewer will have some knowledge about yourself. All question ask must be answer and don't hesitate to ask the the interviewer related to the job.