Monday, October 08, 2007

Do your homework before attending a job interview

Job interview can be very stressful and you needs some perparation if you wanted the job badly. Even you come with a very good result from the school or you had a lots of experience in that field, if you are not prepare or very bad in interview or if you aren't able to interview successfully, you will mostly won't get the job. Before you attened a interview take sometimes to survey the company backgrounds.

If having survey the company backgrounds what the company expected from the one they are going to employ. Check with friends who are working in that company about who mostly interview new staff and what question mostly the interviewers also ask. As I had experience myself when I am going for my second job. The person who ask question are not most related to the company things but his question mostly base on general knowledge.

Try to answer the question ask to the points and don't lie to much as the interviewers knows alots and they are not stupid. If you don't understand the question don't keep quite, ask the interviews in a polite and manners ways about the question ask again. Try to look at the interviews face and don't look around the interviewers might think you are not interesting in that jobs.