Friday, June 29, 2007

Job interview are sometimes very stressful

Job interview are sometimes very stressful and tired as we had to travell and waited for our turns to call if there is many peoples applying for the same jobs or posts and there is only one interviewer to interview all the people who turns up. Be prepare for such consequent if you happen to meet one. Secondly be prepare to answer all the question asked, sometimes it will be out of the job tropic.

If you apply a job in that company, put some time to research the company this will give you alots of knowledge and convident about the company and what the company from us. When attending a interview all documents and cerfiticate must be well prepare a proved to the skill of the job apply and also the interviewer will have some knowledge about yourself. All question ask must be answer and don't hesitate to ask the the interviewer related to the job.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Silly question ask during job interview

Job interview is a set of question set by the interviewer to know whether you are the right candidates for the said position. Most of the question set by the interview are not reference to the position as some interviewer wants to test your general knowledge. At times you will be wandering what a silly question they ask. So be prepare and answer stright to the question.

I attended a interview abouts six months ago. The first few question they ask you is related to the jobs that you applied for. After they satifies with the answers, the following question they ask are more related to your personing doing and some silly questions. The questions they most ask has you got a lovers if in the paper you stated single. How big is your family, how you go to work and what time you sleep every night, do you smoke or drink.

I got the job and after a few months working in the company I became a good friends with the interview and he told me the question ask is to check whether you have problems at home, will you be late for work and many others things