Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Body language a parts in job interview

Most people who attened job interview will bring along their cerfiticate and others document for reference but some people are very sucessful when interview while some people always failed in their first interview. All the interviewers knows their jobs very well and their will see many angle to pick the right person for the job. First handshake is the first impression for the interview to knows what kinds of person you are. Too firm or vigorous a shake and you might be constructed as dominant or too timid.

Most people of us do not conscious about the way our body sends signal to the interviews, as you might be surprised at how much they can actually derive from our body language, compared to our paper qualification or even our skills for the jobs. Sitting also plays a very important parks in our job interview. Eye contacted, It is good to maintain steady eye contack but do not stare at the interviewers. Remmember to blink naturally of course.