Sunday, October 29, 2006

the interview Q & A

If you got a question from your interviewer, how about like this, What were your expectations for your last job?

I personally think that, the best way to answer this question is about what you expected when you get the job and give some examples of how the position worked out for you. I think that you should concentrate on the job itself, not the company, the boss, the colleageas, if they were a problem to you. If the job is not exactly what you wanted or expected, it's okay to mention that.

However, please be careful on how you answer this question. Try not to focus on the negative issues too much. Instead, address the highlights of the job. It's very subjective whether this answer is right or wrong but when answering to this question, be specific. Prepare some examples to share with the interviewer in advance.

Usually, interviewers will want to know what you expected from your last job when you were hired, so, be be prepared to answer the interview question.