Sunday, December 03, 2006

The two way job interview question and answer conversation demonstrates your active role. Remember your job interview questions can help you determine if this is the right job for you. The research you did earlier on the company should form a basis for some of your job interview questions to ask. Here are some guidelines:

Focus on the job, the company, products, services and people as you pose job interview questions.

A job interview question to ask is about your potential peers, subordinates and superiors.
Write your list of job interview questions to ask prior to the interview and take them with you.
Divide your job interview questions into interest questions about the company and qualification questions regarding duties and responsibilities.

The most important job interview question to ask if you are sincerely interested in the position and are satisfied with the job interview question and answers is to ask for the job. That may be the difference in getting an offer!

As a prospective employee, you should also be prepared to know what job interview questions to ask of your prospective employer. See sample below:

What kind of person are you looking to hire for this position?
What kind of training does this company provide?
Are there opportunities for advancement? In what areas?
When do you expect to make a decision on the candidate for this position?
How would you describe the working environment at the company?

In preparation for answering interview questions – know yourself. Honestly assess your employment background and develop explanations for any weak points. Prepare a list of tough job interview questions to ask of the potential employer. Develop answers and answering interview questions.