Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Famous Question

Below is some of the job interview question and answer that normally interviewer will ask.

Job Interview Question and Answer 1: Why are you leaving your current position (or why did you leave your last position)?With this job interview question and answer, the employer is looking for potential problems you have had in the past that you may bring with you. The best way to deal with this question is to always cite reasons such as career progression, quality of life, reward package, etc. and link these to positive aspects of the job you are being interviewed for.
NEVER launch into a tirade about how much you hate(d) your previous company, what a total fool you thought your boss was and so on. Always be upbeat, as this projects a more confident and positive image.

Job Interview Question and Answer 2: What do you think you can offer this company?With any job interview question the interviewer wants to know how you can solve their problem. By ensuring your resume is focused on matching you to the employer's needs, you will have accumulated all the material necessary to answer this question.

You have the opportunity to differentiate yourself in two ways, firstly by emphasizing your strengths and secondly by demonstrating that you have researched the employer's business prior to the interview. Give a balanced answer that highlights exactly how your strengths match the job requirements and show an awareness of what the company does.

Job Interview Question and Answer 3: Where do you hope to be in 5 years time?Someone thought up this question years ago and it has since become established as a ‘standard’ job interview question. What the employer is hoping to establish is your degree of ambition for career progression. Always answer in general terms and definitely avoid staking a claim for the interviewer’s job!

This question can also be a double-edged sword. The job may carry little prospect of progression in itself. If you are keen to progress, this may not be the appropriate role for you, so you should establish what opportunities there are - perhaps it is possible (and indeed expected) to progress into other roles.

Above all, ensure as part of your interview preparation that you have established what your own job requirements are, as well as those of the employer.